Below is a list of tips from Boon to help keep your bonsai healthy, happy and beautiful. Click the links below (the month and year in red) to see the full story.
July, 2011
The weather is warm. The trees are growing. It is time to prune.
May, 2011
Now is the time to start your wiring of deciduous trees.
April, 2011
Boon offers tips on when, and what to fertilize in spring.
February, 2011
Repot deciduous trees as the buds start to swell. But don't wait too late. Earlier is better than later.
January, 2011
Winter is a great time to refine and practice your wiring techniques.
November, 2010
Final step of Fall work prepare your trees for the coming Winter.
October, 2010
Prepare your trees for Fall using these techniques.
August, 2010
Tips on how and when to cut back several varietals in Summer.
July, 2010
Keeping your trees well-watered in Summer.
June, 2010
Tipes & schedule for decandling Japanese Black Pines.
May, 2010
"Pre-decandle" Japanese Black Pine technique.
April, 2010
Thinning out the new Spring growth.