Students are expected to bring their own tools; they are not expected to bring wire or trees. A wide variety of material will be available for students to work on including some very high-quality trees. Local students may, at their option, bring trees for work or discussion if they would like. Ask Boon for details if you have any questions about working on your own trees.

A basic tool-kit will suffice for most intensives. Large tools, power tools, and specialized tools for carving, heavy bending, or repotting will be provided. Both copper and aluminum wire are also provided. If you are coming by plane, don't forget to check any luggage with tools in it!

• concave cutter
• scissors
• tweezers
• bent-nose tweezers
• wire-cutter
• pliers
• large scissors for trimming roots

The bonsai intensive is located in Northern California's San Francisco Bay Area. In short, this means that it could just as likely be warm in winter and cold in summer as the other way around. The average temperatures vary from 45-57 degrees in winter to 58-75 in summer.