The Intensive Series is comprised of ten, three-day courses offered spread over a period of four years (only one class in the forth year). The courses are:

• FIRST YEAR: Winter I, Summer I and Fall I
• SECOND YEAR: Winter II, Summer II and Fall II
• THIRD YEAR: Winter III, Summer III and Fall III
• FOURTH YEAR: Winter IV (Exhibit Preparation)

Together, these courses comprise a 30-day training program that provides students with a comprehensive introduction to contemporary bonsai technique as it is commonly practiced in Japan.

Students may begin taking intensives in any season and may complete the courses in any order they choose. Students begin each season at level I and progress to the next level upon the successful completion of each intensive.

The one exception to this progression is the Winter IV intensive, "Exhibit Preparation." This intensive is scheduled for the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday leading into Bay Island Bonsai's annual show, An Exhibit of Fine Bonsai. Students must complete Winter I, Winter II and Winter III before attending the Winter IV intensive, but the Winter IV intensive may be repeated as often as desired.

Except for the Winter IV intensive, students may complete any level course at any time. This way students of all abilities can sign up for any session. By limiting the intensive to six students, Boon can accommodate students at different levels and ensure that each student receives individual attention and works at an appropriate level.